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My name is Adam Glickman and I would like to introduce you to Honest Musky Television. Honest Musky Television is an educational, entertaining, and humorous fishing show centered in technique and/or destination based themes. Our team fishes out of various watercraft or on foot. We do not fish exclusively out of a $75,000 boat with every bell and whistle imaginable. We fish where the best action is bottom line, and that takes being versatile.

Also, we like to exemplify the fact that excellent fishing can be experienced by anyone on any budget, and by any budget, I mean that at times I will be catching quality fish on foot using a Barbie pole. Of course, I like my modern precision tackle and it does contribute to my success, but we want to educate our viewers that quality fishing has more to do with knowledge and skills than it does with anything else, including money.

Brutally Honest Musky Fishing

Following that theme, Honest Musky Television will be filmed on location at affordable public destinations, no private waters. We will however fish in remote public areas with excellent fisheries, and we will educate our viewers on how to find their own “hidden” fisheries close to home and on a tight budget.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we will also fish extensively on heavily pressured waters (often in and near large urban centers), explaining techniques and strategies to overcome the fishing and boating pressure that have become such a prevalent reality for the modern angler on such waters. We will also target waters across the spectrum of fishing pressure between these two extremes, introducing successful techniques and strategies for each scenario.

Our Mission and Goals

The goal of all this is realism. Relentlessly filming in hard to reach expensive destinations, and telling viewers that featured techniques will work just as well on their local waters is dubious at best. Featuring these waters as travel destinations is of little use as well, as most viewers will never have the time and money for such endeavors. The same goes for filming on private waters filled with fish that see almost no fishing pressure. This is of no use to most viewers, as they have no access to such water. It is the school of thought on Honest Musky Television that the best way to feature prime techniques and strategies to be used on viewers’ local waters, is to fish the viewers’ local waters.

Techniques and strategies featured on the show are based in biological behavior of fish, specific features of targeted water bodies, weather patterns, seasonal progression, and effective tackle choice and use. We use a wide variety of techniques that are a blend of old standards and modern innovation that can be easily and affordably applied by our viewers on the water they fish.

For entertainment quality, Honest Musky Television is dedicated to always getting the hookset and/or strike on film, as it is the moment of truth and undeniably the best part of the experience. That being said, our show is also dedicated to integrity and there will be no fake hook sets or any other editing tricks. We also keep it fresh and new. If we are running a 13 week season, then we will have 13 new and unique episodes with no recycled footage at any time. We film on every type of water imaginable from the smallest streams to the largest lakes. By default of variety, every show has a very unique look. It is our philosophy, that if the viewer can’t tell if an episode is a re-run or not, then it may as well be.

Achieving The Lifetime Goal

I have been watching fishing shows for almost 30 years. I switched from tuning in to Saturday morning cartoons at 4 years of age. Creating my own fishing show is not something I just decided to do at the spur of the moment. For many years, I have been contemplating what type of fishing show I would best like to make and what type would be best received by viewers. I think I have developed a concept that will work on many levels and appeal to the widest viewership possible. I am 100% ready to dedicate my professional life to making an amazing fishing show and establishing a life long relationship with my audience.

The main target species on Honest Musky Television is of course muskies. However, there will be some multispecies action, because certain opportunities are too good to pass up. Also, we emphasize the importance of youth and family fishing and have segments on how to best introduce children to fishing. Obviously, certain species usually lend themselves better to the needs of young anglers than muskies, but we will also introduce successful strategies to introduce both youth and adult rookies to the sport of musky fishing. Many shows talk about the importance of bringing kids fishing, but few of them actually do, and even less delve into how to overcome the very real challenges of teaching a child to fish. Honest Musky Television will also cover and support some organizations and events that allow children and/or those with special needs the opportunity fish. Fishing is a beautiful, pure, and rare sport; because anyone can and should be able to enrich their lives through angling experiences.

At Honest Musky Television, we firmly believe that the future of fishing lies in establishing love and respect for fisheries and natural environments in younger generations. As human populations increase, the stress on aquatic resources increases as well. Therefore, without being preachy, Honest Musky Television will contain themes of responsible harvest and preservation of watersheds. We always leave the water at least a little better than how we found it.

Honest Musky Television will connect with its viewers on the most genuine level because even though we are very serious about fishing, we do not take ourselves too seriously. We are average working class people who value family, honesty, hard work, good living, and great fishing. Those who meet us in public will appreciate that we are not rude or pretentious, but are in fact genuine and personable individuals.

Honest Musky Television will embody the best aspects of its predecessors, while leaving the negative behind. It is our mission to continue to grow, innovate, and show our viewers things they have never seen before. The true quality in a fishing show is not just in what you’re catching, but how you’re catching it and making it unforgettable.

Adam M. Glickman

Your Host – Honest Musky Television