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Honest Musky Television is a fresh new style of fishing show that features jaw-dropping action in realistic and practical fishing locations. Every 30-minute episode follows Adam and his guests as they travel throughout the Upper Midwest while on the hunt for the biggest and most challenging predator freshwater game fish.

Our techniques are diverse, versatile, and often cost effective. We always get the strike and hookset on film, and in true honest musky fashion we use no fake hook sets or editing tricks. We film on a vast variety of aquatic environments from the smallest streams to the largest lakes. Our filming is done exclusively on public water, mostly in the Upper Midwest at affordable and realistic destinations. Each week there will be a new episode. We do not do re-runs or use recycled footage. Individual episodes will look unique from one another. It is our philosophy that if the viewers cannot tell it is a re-run or not, it may as well be!

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