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At Honest Musky Television, sponsors do a lot more than just sign a check. Also, they aren’t chosen only for its size. In fact, sponsors are manufacturers of products that we already use. And we use them because we think they’re the best of the breed.

Of course, we hope they’ll contribute significantly to the show’s production costs but, with the right sponsor, we’re amenable to proposals that are based on the strength of the relationship rather than only on the size of the check. Lastly, we consider sponsorships as two-way streets. Sponsors help us. We try to help them.

Many thanks to our sponsors for their continuing support and generosity. Please take a moment to learn more about the folks that make all the difference in the world to us and the ways we catch fish. If interested in a great return of investment opportunity for your brand please ask us about how we can help, and download our media kit.